The secondary level school authorities in the context of confinement carried out the registration for the new school year in Liberté facilities.

In the morning hours, accompanied by the prison education coordinator, authorities of the secondary educational establishment and collaborators, they were present at Liberté facilities with the purpose of registering Liberté working prisoners.

Professor Mariela Mastrángelo, educational secretary of the secondary level institution, CENS 470, together with two professors who make up the body of the aforementioned institution and in the presence of the president and secretary of our cooperative, "pampa y carlitos", carried out the task of registering those interested in participating in this new school period and for this the SUM facilities of our space were used.

The tour of the students, which was carried out through the different pavilions of the unit, and in this case through Liberté, was described by Mastrángelo, who cited that it is a unique experience, and that it occurs in the history of the school in the prison context where the school approaches the prisoner visiting the pavilions and as in our case, in the workplace, he went on to express that the idea is to interview each one of those who feel the need to continue education, especially the secondary.

He also highlighted that to date most of the school's quotas have been filled with more than 80 boys in each of the first years, more than 40 boys in each of the second, and an enrollment of more than 40 boys. in each of the third parties.

He also said that what they wanted to highlight was precisely this historical issue that the school comes to the pavilion, adding that the school goes to the spaces where each one of the students is, he also referred to the fact that they were looking for each one of those that as a result of the pandemic they dropped out of school and, returning to this administrative action, remarked that it had been a very gratifying experience.

Rewarding work

Mariela Mastrángelo assured that it was very gratifying to have been able to approach the prisoners in their places, a moving experience, but we were also able, she said, to go through the personal history of practically each one of the students, about why they left school, and We also find out if anyone has to appear at an exam table, in this way we mark a totally different space from what we had been working on, understanding that the pandemic opened up these possibilities, from the virtual, being able to have access to a cell phone, being able to talk with the student, assured the teacher.

She highlighted the respect of the prisoner when interviewing him, the experience lived being comforting.

They thanked Liberté for having allowed them, through the opening of doors, to give the children who are working here the possibility of finalizing the enrollment offer for the school period and for having been able to work in a very nice and very warm space, as the Education Secretary referred of CENS 470.

In her turn, the coordinator of prison education, officer Alejandra Majul, mentioned that since the emergence of the pandemic, what was prioritized was pedagogical continuity, therefore, it was never lost, personally considering that knowledge does not take place , and that there are different histories, whether in what is primary, secondary, technical, university, all, he said, have been invited to participate so that they continue in what is school.

Source: Liberte.