In the morning hours he arrived in our territory within unit 15, loaded with books as a donation to strengthen the number of texts that appear on the shelves of our library, he toured the different areas of Liberté and was able to verify the veracity of the facts already spread about the management that always goes for more.

His name is Sebastián Ali and he belongs to a cooperative of a digital news medium in the city of Mar del Plata, it is the news portal Que, which is devoted to journalistic research, work cooperatives, which since recent years have managed to be an irreplaceable palliative against the fall in employment or hiring of labor not only from the private sector but also from the State.

It is noteworthy that Liberté would not be included in the same list of cooperatives due to its characteristic of being a self-managed cooperative enterprise one hundred percent by the prisoners themselves, in this case in prison unit 15 of Batán and to deepen its characteristics that make it unique in case, there is no example like it in the global prison environment.

Hence, he aroused the attention of the press worker, which launched him to go in search of the research objectives from the very place where the aforementioned work is carried out.

He told the Liberté cooperative, he already knew about it beforehand, not in person, but through photos, referring to the task of our Liberté.
Seeing it from the inside is shocking and in some way confirms a bit of the great work they are doing and how important it is to get through a situation that should not be entirely easy under these conditions.

And above all, it is very important that they do everything from that impulse of cooperativism, having that flag as a means of organization, the truth is that it is double to stand out in addition to having a self-managed, independent territory and in the midst of this situation that they have to go through, It seems to me that it is an experience to replicate and highlight in other prisons, I understand that something of this is happening, or it is the idea of ​​Liberté or of those who operate the action.

The quality of life from the work that is presented daily I think is noticeable and is very important and as the "pampa" told me on an occasion that I interviewed him, said the worker of the digital news portal, it is surviving in hell itself, it is to generate opportunities, it is to tear down a lot of schemes that are set up around the figure of an inmate or a prisoner that do not come out of the stigmas, everything is linked, the question of humanity that he has and that we all have is taken out of the prisoner , then the worse you live the better it is what is often repeated in society and it is not what it should be and Liberté is going down that path.

For breaking down those schemes, those stigmas through cooperativism, I think it is highly valuable and should be valued, those stigmas through cooperativism, I insist on this, says Ali, I think it is highly valuable and should be valued so much by the authorities, I think it is that one of the objectives ahead, a greater recognition of the authorities to what they do, in order to continue demolishing these stigmas.

The attraction that Liberté has for me, perhaps also, is that it deals with cooperative management and he recalled that the web page where he and his colleagues work has been based on a cooperative system from the beginning and highlights that although it does not belong to the The founder joined that administration system and understands how difficult it is to carry out the self-management of a media outlet, it is not easy, she says and adds, we cooperative members know that carrying out the self-management of your own project is not easy, and especially in the field of journalism can generate many obstacles and many difficulties as well, but the cooperative spirit, says he believes that it is what unites the projects of Liberté and Qué digital, and that in part they make one feel that one is on the right path and that cooperativism can be a more than valid option to carry out projects and desires, and through them change stigmas that of extramural communication can be and life itself within the community jail.

Source: Liberté