A day full of emotions, where solidarity was expressed with those who need it most in the context of confinement. As in the whole world every November 29, an act of love is carried out, to remind us that it is the same act that we must practice every day, thinking of the other and shedding our garments of selfishness and laziness, aware of what that we do or wrapped in an unconsciousness carried by ignorance, which does not allow us to see the shortcomings of others and the wealth of being able to give, which lives in each one of us.

In our Liberté was a collaborator, the renowned professor of plastic arts, Betina Ferrara, involved since the dawn of space, who arrived with the noble idea of solidarity. The previous debate within our space was opened and it was agreed to put it into practice in a way adapted to the confinement circumstance, thinking of the "pariah" people, whose meaning indicates, who are those people excluded from the benefits that others enjoy, and are even mistreated when they are ignored by the type of treatment, for being considered inferior.

The breakfast, where fried cakes were tasted, the tour of the facilities of the production pole, the activity in the textile workshop, where they worked on goods that had as their final destination to become artisan bags, with a special decoration, under the professional instruction of the "teacher", Betina, the lunch, the sublimation task in the primitive Liberté workshop, were moments of a beautiful day of solidarity, full of empathy, because that is what it is all about, putting ourselves in the place of the other, to know what the other is feeling at the moment.

During the lunch, where some tasty noodles were tasted, with the presence, in particular, of those who benefited from a special day, colleagues who were in the organization participated, such as the coordinator of the event, the colleague, Omar R, the comrade president of the cooperative and founder of the Liberté Solidarity Workshop space, “pampa”, the evangelical Christian spiritual guides, Luis Becedillas and Cristian, also, although they were not at lunch, there were other comrades, who worked on this special and significant day, such is the case of, "Carlitos", Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Liberté Cooperative and coordinator of general tasks in the space of the same name, Ariel, in charge of the historic Liberté workshop and a number of collaborators, who daily they silently put their shoulders to this beautiful footprint that the self-management achieved by prisoners leaves on the road, in a verd adero productive pole, where various activities, solidarity, work, cultural and spiritual meet.

Successful closure of "A day to give", the faces said it all, especially the guests, who turned out to be recognized as the people destined to receive a share of affection from acts of solidarity.

May every day be…a day to give. Don't you agree?

Source: Liberté Press