Community mediators experienced what it means to know Liberté

Dolores Ayerdi, works in the Ombudsman's Office, of the Province of Buenos Aires, in the Provincial Capital, La Plata, and is a community mediator, while Natalia Messineo, Center for Access to Justice, of the Ministry of Justice for Human Rights, of the Nation, community mediator.

Personally I do some dialogue experiences, Ayerdi mentions to us, while we shared this conversation in Liberté's restaurant room, “Punto de Paz”.

He maintained that he also has other dialogue experiences such as facilitation in prisons, and from there he knows the proposal of our entity, he also adds that it was his desire to get to know it better and beyond what has been said, living the experience, and mentions that together with Messineo they are doing a diploma in community mediation, as a guarantee of access to justice, here in the unit where we are, organized by the Center for Access to Justice, by the University of Mar del Plata, by the Provincial Ombudsman's Office, by That's why they came here to carry out the practices already mentioned in the mediation framework from the diploma course, and that they knew how to take advantage of the instance and know our space.

On the other hand, Natalia Messineo, indicates that from some publications in networks, and because of the knowledge and treatment with Mario Juliano, (the late judge and "godfather of Liberté, considered so, even after his departure), and for the same degree that is being issued from our territory, within the Faculty of Health Sciences, is that it had references to what our work is, although I did not know personally and I take this opportunity to congratulate and also underline the word self-management, highlighting the importance of This is where self-control arises from a diversity of daily behaviors.

She said that they work on it, with inmates, (prisoners), which is being protagonists of their own self-management, of personal self-control, on a daily basis, understanding what we do from our space.

Define Liberté

Ayerdi: ”A self-managed project, which shows that there is another way to go through prison.”

Messineo: ”The word dignity comes to me, what one does with other experiences arises, in visits to other prison units, this being able to look at the face, into the eyes, as you are doing, has to do with the dignity of what they do", he could not continue, the emotion for the moment lived, played a trick on him and the tears that flowed from his eyes added to a choking in his throat, did nothing more than demonstrate his commitment to noble causes like this one, the one that is raised from here every day.

Lastly: "For me it is key, to be able to show this," said Ayerdi, when asked about the replication of Liberté's work in other prisons, so that it is replicated, she continued, "and I have been very moved since I arrived, I It seems that the experience that really has to happen in other places is wonderful, hopefully we can do something to make it happen, in which we can help the truth that I think is wonderful.”

Source: Liberté Press